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Clean Up becomes Block Party! - April 15, 2017

More than 60 West Lanham Hills residents came out to clean up the public spaces of our community on Saturday, April 15.

Young and old, they scoured the woods and bushes and grassy areas for the trash that was making our community ugly.  A team of strong young men covered the slope along Decatur Road, pulling out more than 30 discarded tires. Another group cleared trash from the stream bed at Decatur and West Lanham.  The thick bushes behind the Fire Department were cleared of trash by one “power crew” and another hit the messy area in front of the Pancake house, while yet another cleared up the area around the church.  Three dumpsters had been placed on Decatur, and a Super Team led by Bruce Adams continually picked up the bags and piles collected by the teams and transported them to the dumpsters.

Even when the pizza arrived and our Prez, Greg McNair fired up the grill for some yummy burgers, these Super Guys never stopped, even picking up several residents’ personal discards!  With some music playing, some drinks and snacks, and some tables and chairs set up on the fly, our “work party” became a “block party!”  Thanks to the combined efforts of the biggest group of volunteers we have ever had, the community looks great!  It was our own version of “Earth Day,” and it was great to see the strong community spirit—and the beautiful clean spaces—making us again proud of West Lanham Hills!

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