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Traffic Signal Petition

We, the undersigned, support the installation of a traffic signal light at either Garrison Road and Annapolis road (Hwy. 450) or at Emerson Place and Ellin Road.  This is needed to allow safe turns into and out from the community.  It is needed to allow pedestrians to cross safely.  It is important for cyclists and those with disabilities to have safe use of sidewalks and roadways.  This would support the goal of better usage of the mass transit station (New Carrollton metro/Amtrak).  It would enable emergency vehicles better access.  It will also help manage the far greater volume of traffic that is being created by the new office, residential and parking facilities being built in the Transit District Overlay Zone (TDOZ.)  

Whether residents, business owners, visitors or related agency personnel, we believe a traffic signal at one of these two locations  is necessary to calm traffic, eliminate collisions and pedestrian danger, and support walkable and drivable communities.  

Success! Message received.

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