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                West Lanham Hills Graduates Parade 2020 Celebration


The first graduation parade was a success. The class of 2020 will remember always how their community celebrated their success. 

Graduates were in a car with their family. Some wore their cap and gown and some were nicely dressed. Some of the cars played the traditional "Pomp and Circumstance" song and some celebratory honks were heard. There were 21 cars in total. Thank you to Sergeant Chabla and Officer Jones for coming out and being part of the parade.


Neighbors came out and cheered. Some cheering with signs, pots and pans, and some with bubbles. They also decorated their lawns and porches.


After the parade, graduates were continued to be found and honored.


We celebrated 11 seniors, five 8th graders, four 6th graders, and five kindergartners. With a total of 25 graduates.


The graduates were given each a very nice card with a handwritten message, some chocolates and snacks, and for the seniors, a gift card


The Chilcoats prepared gift bags as well, which was super thoughtful!


Thank you to everyone who participated!  Many tears and smiles were seen that day!

Video of parade is below:


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