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Santa's Workshop

On Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016, more than a hundred residents gathered at our annual Santa's Workshop. The night before, a large contingent of volunteers had set up the various project tables, and decorated the room. Kensei Tsubata and Michael Driggers created and decorated a great backdrop for Santa's corner so when Santa came, families were able to take some great photos. This year, we had a wireless printer so photos could be taken and sent to the printer to be printed out immediately. 


The projects this year included some favorites, such as scarves, cookies in a jar and soups in a jar. Then there were new projects: creating and decorating personalized coffee mugs; making chalkboard jar; decorating towels and washcloths; making jewelry; melt and pour soaps; spice bags and sachets; and fortune cookie ornaments. Our youth volunteers manned the tables and helped teach the projects: Diego Vargas, Madaly Vargas, Javier Musun, Miara Dantzler, Serena Moreland, Camille Emerson, Yariritza Pedroza, Adams Carbara Garica, Yaire Garica, Nyah Perry, and JaKayla Kirkland. Thank you to also Anna Mizani, Dorothy Driggers, and Kim Poindexter, who helped coordinate several of the projects too. 


Our gracious volunteers, Wanda Brooks, Kay Rager, Bobby Rager, and Ina McNair, prepared hot dogs and condiments, cookies and juices, and hot drinks for people to enjoy. 


All the attendees helped clean up and put away all the equipment and materials, preparing for the next event, a multicultural arts and story event coordinated by Danielle Glaros, County Councilwoman. 

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