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Power Up your Job Hunt!

A small group of residents learned how to increase their ability to find and attain a job in their desired field. Ms. Olivia Hunter shared with us some of the reasons our application might not get the attention we would want. "If you want to be a candidate that stands out, here are a few Do's and don'ts:

  • Do include all the required elements or pieces of information (application, resume, contact information, cover letter.)

  • Do highlight the specific skills or training you have that relate to the specific job duties or requirements

  • Do research the company that you wish to apply to, and show your knowledge in your written or spoken communications?

  • Send emails rather than call the recruiter; Always include all your contact information on each email (full name, phone, email, etc.)

  • Dress professionally, and appropriately for the job you are seeking. When in doubt, dress more formally.

  • Don't ask questions about salary in the initial interview. Do ask about the nature of the job, the expectations, the skills you might be able to gain, etc. Be more interested in what you can DO for the company than what you would get.

  • Treat every interview as important. Not only does it help you gain awareness for subsequent interviews, but the interviewer may recommend you for a different job in the future.

  • Use respectful and courteous manners, always. Body posture, wording, responses, and punctuality are important. They tell the recruiter whether you can carry yourself well on the job.

  • Even if you are not ready to interview for a job, you can do an "informational interview" to find out what a certain job might entail and how to prepare yourself to be eligible for such a position. In effect, you would be learning about the work, and you would be presenting yourself as a possible future candidate.

  • In an interview, speak about your job-related skills or education only (not your personal life.)

  • Be honest. If you give false information on the resume, the cover letter or in person, those things will be revealed in the background check, which may cause you to lose the job.

For answers to these and other questions about job-hunting in the current market, spend a couple hours with a recruiter. She’ll share the inside scoop on what employers are really seeking!

Olivia Hunter is the Talent Acquisition Manager at Southern Management Corporation -- a local, privately held company that owns and manages multi-family residential, commercial and hospitality real estate in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Olivia has worked as a human resources professional in various types of organizations, from contingency placement to health care, association management, local government, education, and most recently in real estate property management.

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