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Animal Shelter Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice

Effective immediately, the Prince George’s County Animals Services Facility and Adoption Center (ASFAC) is temporarily closed to the public and has stopped dog owner-surrender appointments and adoptions due to an outbreak of an undetermined illness at the facility until further notice. The temporary closure will allow staff to initiate quarantine protocols to stop the spread of the disease and to treat dogs who are ill. The disease is not spreading from dogs to other animals in the facility, and testing is ongoing.

ASFAC will allow pets to leave the facility if:

It is a return to the owner (RTO);

An adoption is in process, and the pet shows no signs of illness and;

The pet is considered for fostering and shows no signs of illness.

Read the full press release here.

If the pet must find a new home, consider rehoming it with family and friends or contact one of our County-approved rescue organizations to see if they can accept your pet.

The ASFAC stresses that the public should only consider surrendering their pets as a last resort. Additional tips to help keep pets out of the shelter include:

Always microchip your pet and make sure it has a quality ID collar tag.

Don’t walk your dog off-leash. County code requires all dogs to be walked with a leash.

Spay or neuter your pet to prevent overpopulation.

Ensure your pet's spaces, like walls, fences, and gates, are secure so they won’t be able to wiggle out.

Take animals in your care to regular veterinary visits and keep them up to date on their vaccinations and pet licenses. Keeping your animal healthy keeps our community of animals healthy.

For more information or updates on when the facility will reopen, contact 301-780-7200 or visit


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