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Department of Transportation: Transit Vision Plan

Transit Vision Plan: (Written by Alicia Denning)

During the last community meeting, representatives from Prince George’s Department of Public Works and Transportation presented their Transit Vision Plan (TVP) to expand and optimize transportation services in the county. They shared information about many of the current services they offer including bus (TheBus), paratransit (Call-a-Bus) and Microtransit (PGC Link)services. For information on these services visit:  A hard copy of the services will be available if you don’t have computer access. They also shared information pertaining to their efforts to improve services based on community feedback. We’d like to encourage you all to ensure your needs are reflected in the TVP, by filling out the survey (available in English and Spanish) at Paper copies of the survey will be available at future meetings. For additional questions on transit services or the TVP, email 

Transit Vision Plan Survey:

Prince George’s County Transit Vision Plan Survey (


Call-a-Bus is a demand response curb-to-curb service. Service is available to all residents of Prince George’s County who are not served by or cannot use existing bus or rail services.

Call-A-Cab is a transportation assistance program that provides mobility at a reduced cost for County seniors (age 60+) and/or County persons with disabilities.

MetroAccess provides complimentary service in Prince George’s County. It is a shared-ride, door-to-door, para transit service for people whose disability prevents them from using TheBus.

Senior Transportation Service (STS) is a special service of Call-a-Bus providing regularly scheduled curb-to-curb transportation throughout Prince George's County to County seniors (age 60 and over) and persons with disabilities.

PGC Link: 

Microtransit - PGC Link | Prince George's County (

TheBus Routes & Schedules:

Routes & Schedules | Prince George's County (

PGC Connect (Allows for users to see the bus and its location in real time):

PGC Connect | Real-Time Map (

DPW&T Website:

Public Works & Transportation | Prince George's County (


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