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Congratulations to West Lanham Hills Resident, Anne Rowe!

Anne Rowe, daughter's of Lee and Helen Rowe, married Stephen Haselton.

The wedding ceremony was held at St. George's Episcopal Church of Glenn Dale at 2 pm on November 12. Reception celebration was at the Crofton Country Club. Anne and Stephen returned to their home in Knoxville,TN.

A little story about Anne and Stephan, provided by Helen Rowe:

"Anne and Stephen grew up together in our church. Stephen's mother and I would slip out of church to get them for communion when they were in child care for the service. They were acolytes together as well. Stephen asked Anne to go to prom in the church parking lot with Hersey kisses spelling out "Prom?". Anne had also been active in her community here as well, with community cleanup and dancing with the WAIT team."


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