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New development coming our way!

Meeting information:

Tuesday, June 8, 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Council Member Dannielle M. Glaros informs us that

Wood Partners is proposing to build a residential

building next to the Pepco substation on Ellin Road. A

new zoning ordinance, not yet in effect, would allow

the project, however, legislation is required to begin

the project before the zoning ordinance is effective.

The development team, therefore, is eager to meet

with the residents of West Lanham Hills and Hanson

Oaks to share more information about the project and

to get our feedback before moving to the next step in

the process. Because it will be so near, and because we

will all be affected, we encourage everyone to attend.

A Zoom meeting for the developer to share the project

and accept feedback.

Please Register to receive the zoom



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