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Opportunity for our neighborhood!

From Council Member Dannielle Glaros:

Prince George's County and Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland will use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to launch the new Prince George's County Homeownership Preservation Program (HOPP). The program prioritizes homeowners who live within one mile of the Purple Line to provide resources to address the home's critical health, safety and accessibility related needs to help promote and enable the transfer of generational wealth by preserving homeownership for families in need. Funding is limited, please apply today here and/or share the information with your neighbors. Eligible Services:

Roofing, Siding and Gutter Repair/Replacement Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC Repairs/Replacement Deck Repair/Replacement and Ramps/Zero-step solutions Accessible bathroom modifications Stair lifts and other Accessibility equipment/modifications Insulation and Air Sealing Tree removal *Any additional services that are not listed above will be considered on a case-by-case basis Services not considered: Major Foundation/Structural repairs Cosmetic Improvements/upgrades **Large scale mold/lead/asbestos remediation can be cost prohibitive in some cases


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