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TONIGHT!! Movie Night: Dancing Joy

Outdoor Family Movie Night: Dancing Joy

Tonight, Saturday, October 17 at 7 PM @ Outside Park Building. Come and bring your chair or a blanket for screening of award-winning film suitable for all ages. Please wear a mask and maintain 6-foot distance.

Produced by Kate and Kazuo Tsubata, Dancing Joy was directed by Lan Tsubata Lee and edited by Mie Smith. Several West Lanham Hills neighbors helped make this film.

It brings Beethoven’s 9th Symphony to life through dance from 21 world cultures, in beautiful natural and historic locations. It’s a journey of music, movement and natural beauty honored in film festivals including IndieDance, Docs Without Borders and Lady Filmmakers. People have paid up to $50 to participate in similar screenings, but for our community, this is being offered for free, in hopes it will bring hope, encouragement and joy to neighbors.

To see the trailer, or buy a copy:


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