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WSSC gives credit; temporarily forgives overdue fees

A new temporary forgiveness program will give bill credits and waived fees on delinquent water bills to some WSSC Water customers for the month of June.

The “Get Current” program is a temporary water bill amnesty program to help customers get up-to-date and current with delinquent water and sewer bills.

WSSC Water commissioners approved the temporary water bill forgiveness program in April for eligible customers with overdue balances as of May 1. The move comes as officials try to provide some type of aid following the challenges from inflation and COVID-19 related struggles.

The temporary program is expected to help Montgomery and Prince George’s County residents at a time when WSSC says as of March, almost 83,000 accounts are past due

“We have not seen numbers like this prior to COVID,” said Lyn Riggins, Spokesperson for WSSC. “Prior to COVID, we never saw delinquent accounts totaling this much revenue and this many customers impacted. And again, we know not everyone can pay their bill in full or even pay half of it right now, but those who can take advantage of this program and those still struggling should reach out to us because we are here to help,” she added.

As part of the ‘Get Current’ program, WSSC will temporarily suspend residential water turn-off service for the month of June.

The company said the thousands of overdue water and sewer accounts total nearly $57 million and most of the delinquent accounts are residential customers.

“So there are 83,000 WSSC water customers who are delinquent on their accounts. we need to collect this revenue every single day. WSSC Water needs to deliver water and wastewater services to our 1.9 million customers in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties and it takes money to do that,” said Riggins.

“But in order to continue providing these critical services to our customers, to hospitals to ensure there’s water for fires, for firefighters to pull up to a hydrant, we have to continue investing in our infrastructure. And to do that, we need the revenue to come in. That’s been outstanding since 2020 and before that,” she added.

Here’s how the program works for Montgomery County and PG County residents

WSSSC-eligible residential customers with household income below 150% of the area median income will receive 10% bill credit for payment in full of the delinquent amount and 100% of late payment charges and turn-on fees waived along with 5% bill credit for 50% payment of the delinquent amount and successful completion of a six-month payment plan.

Upon completion of the payment plan, 100% of late payment charges and turn-on fees are waived. The 5% bill credit is also applied after the completion of the payment plan.

For residential customers above 150% of the area’s median income, all late payment charges and turn-on fees will be waived.

“We understand there are still financially challenged customers out there in the wake of COVID,” Riggins said. “We completely understand that so we are here to help. Call us, there are options with the get current program so customers can pay.”

WSSC says commercial and multi-unit residential accounts with master meters are also eligible for 100% of late payment charges and turn-on fees waived.

The program will run through June 30

“We have financial assistance programs,” Riggins said. “We can connect customers with our county partners that have other programs, so just get in touch with us. But the month of June is a great opportunity for us to see what our customers get current on their bill.”

Link to the news broadcast video with more details:


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