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To Sign Up to testify at Redistricting Public Hearing

Thank you for getting people to sign up for November 16th, please keep it up!

There are two additional items I wanted to make you aware of:

1. Much like what you did as District 3 civic leaders holding a press conference to oppose the gerrymandered map and the non-transparent process, now civic leaders from other districts across Prince George's County are looking to do the same thing together. I should hear more tomorrow and will keep you informed. I understand there are civic leaders from at least 5 of the other districts who have been in communication. At this point, they are looking at a Thursday afternoon press event to be held in the central part of the county. Please hold that on your calendars. I'll let you know more as I hear more.They definitely want as many from District 3 to attend, but they don't have the details quite yet.

2. An activist group has put together the following link about contacting the County Executive about redistricting (This does not mean I'm saying I think the County Executive is behind the gerrymander):


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